So Young

Seems forever a wait.
To perceive for one still young,
A love thought to feel...
Has already arrived.
Before the budding has come.
To allow a blooming done.
Today those so young,
Rush through life.
In spite of what it takes,
To patiently go through the process.
Some seem to be born,
To walk before they crawl.
And begin talking.
To think they know it all.

Children grow.
To do this too soon.
With wishes to be kissed.
And held closely as if it missed.
To know exactly,
What kind of love for them...
They wish to get.

Yet soon they will grow to bloom.
To discover with another,
A feeling like none other.
But can not be told,
Dreams of love do not stay.
Like they do to fantasize that way.

Time passes.
Just as fast as lightening.
Before the roar of thunder,
Comes to be done.
Taking youthful days,
To seem overnight fade with age.
Leaving behind that first kiss wished.
And who it was picked to want that hug.
To dismiss awaiting,
For a budding to do its bloom to assume it.
And soon,
That time arrives to pass by quickly.
Reminiscing to label mistakes made,
With hearts to admit...
Left broken by a foolishness.
With others who too,
Grew to bloom and to age.
But not too soon to forgive and forget,
Rushing into a love...
With another unprepared.
To neither feel love.
Nor take seriously,
Who it was they left...
Wishing they had listened.
And not rush to have memories to regret.

"If I had only listened."

-To...what? -

"Something someone told me about love."

And, when was that? -

Maybe...50 or 60 years ago."

-You don't mind if I wait,
Until I get home to laugh.
Do you?
I don't want you to think,
I am being disrespectful.
And your comments ridiculous.-

"Of course not.
Why would I think that? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Very beautiful poem...long but we'll crafted..diction is fine and emotion running underneath...thanks