So Young

Poem By Amber Mull

Im young yet mature
im expierenced and hurt
been like this since ten
lost my childhood to men
and still open to this world
to love and be loved
you ask how this is
how i live
smile and not frown
glow and not mourn
ive lost many close
been crushed
its rough
its harder then it looks
its more then you do
yet easier then it feels
think positive when depressed
listen and care
smile to others
dont judge its not fair
dont yell dont fight
but stand up for whats right
be there when needed
and keep it tied down
dont let your sadness losse
it will only hurt others
and feel how you do

Comments about So Young

Your sensitivity leaves you open to hurt, but at the same time it shows that you 'allow' yourself to feel. That's also why you write poetry and over the years it can become a valuable factor of your integrity and identity.

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