Soaking In The Wrong Detergent

You've been seeking a cleansing.
While soaking in the wrong detergent.
You've been spinning in cycles...
Meant to dry.
But you have yet to get your consciousness wet.

There is an experience you would like to receive.
But refuse to let your brainwashing go.
And that is not easily achieved.
Although this should be welcomed,
As your best bet never to regret.
You've got to drain to begin to gain.
To thoroughly realize any kind of brightness.
Removing all the tainting stains that remain.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Without wetting and wrong detergent…spinning on and on! Well said, Lawrence...this poem gives the correct procedure on how to get the tainted consciousness washed bright off all stains... most intelligent words masterfully composed 10/10