Africa, Oh Africa

Africa, oh Africa what a beautiful place you are,
The people, the cultures that attract a lot of visitors from afar
Though there are hardships, but you won't let that stop you,
For your people are strong and courageous, with love that is true.

Africa, oh Africa, you never cease to amaze me,
The free animals, and the beautiful sceneries in every single country,
Although many criminals, poachers, and illegal loggers that try to destroy these,
Always remember, The world will help you from a grain of sand, to the tallest of trees.

Africa, oh Africa, yes, all of my stanzas start with this,
So you won't forget how gorgeous of a continent this is,
Just a little help from all of us, from giving money to planting trees,
Not only we will save Africa, but we will solve world problems with ease.

by Ide Thoko Adebayo

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