CT (May 25th,1995 / )

Soar And Fly

Dear Joan,
this is a little for me
because what I might say may convince you to walk away
Dear Joan,
I'm afraid to admit I've been caught in the abyss of your eyes
and bore witness to a gleam so bright
five towns would be filled with light
Dear Joan,
I don't know why but once I let the words cascade from my lips
attempt to be the me people don't see
someone presses 'pause' to keep me silent
as I form a smile and begin to look away
Dear Joan,
in imagination, I soar and fly when I hear your name
Dear Joan,
have mercy on me
I am aware someone is already occupying the space in your heart
but I am without proof he even exists
so please will you make a temporary haven out of my arms
Dear Joan,
please tell me your thoughts, I've shared mine
Dear Joan,
please speak up or not at all
know for sure my interests lie within you
look into my eyes and see it's true
Dear Joan

by Crow thepoet

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