(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Soaring Light

O pain of the poem where are you now
To inspire, to conjure my words of passion
Emotions so bare, so preciously full
To flood out the lines that stirs the soul

As the poet they say doth need the pain
To utter his soul on paper plain
My soul longs for You and is quenched it’s thirst
Even the pangs of a love aloof make not my passions burst

For how do you stir and cry and bear your sigh
Abundantly abandoned giving all to the feel
The heartaches and passions that stir the mind
Giving expression existence of life in some kind
When the art of existence, the Maker thereof
Captures and keeps your souls’ crevices nigh
To the Source of all purpose and achings
Lifted up and cherished on high

I think back to times turbulent
When the cry of my heart roamed out free
Hovering abound with the speed of light
Crossing landscapes and pastures dark and light
Over meadows and mountains and oceans of might
Heaths of dusk and dark rocky planes
And pulsing red fervent landscapes of love

Seeking uncaught to that place of a meaning
A searching force compulsively bound

I lie here now looking out beyond
My heart a still, an ebbing of soft humming sound

All fears and passions and achings caught
My soul in the grip of tenderly Source
All knowing, all being
Eternally sought


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