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Soaring With Eagles
GDB (March 3,1948 / Merrimac, WV)

Soaring With Eagles

Poem By Gladys Darlene Browning

I am waiting for that day
When my soul will be called away,
And I'll join with the eagles upon high.
I'll be singing around Gods' throne
With all the saints who made it home
There to reign and never say goodbye.

Eagles soar to their own place
A place not known to the human race
They rest upon the highest mountain top.
They are guided by Gods' own hand
As we are led throughout this land
And we'll find our resting place when we stop.

Then we'll soar with the eagles
Flying high above the clouds
We'll be as free and happy as can be.
All our cares will be gone
Taken away by Gods' own Son
There in Heaven we will rest eternally.

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