Wait one minute.
I must file a tax return,
'Before' I am stimulated
By a package.
To induce my addiction to spend?
Something about this makes no sense.
If you have promised to give me something...
Don't take away from me first,
Before you give yours.
And that is going to help me stimulate what?
Your continued need to feed a greed with teases?
Do I have 'Tell Me Anything and I will Believe'
Written on my furrowed brow?
Can you see my sunkened cheeks?
My cupboards have been bare.
There is no food to eat.
You may see the tops of my shoes.
The soles are taped to prevent my feet,
From touching the heat of the streets.
And you have the audacity...
To believe I await more of your deceit?
I am not surprised by the way your misdeeds,
Are being revealed and lifted from all eyes!
And my complaints were once criticized!
I am not the only one now...
Who knows you have been defeated,
By the very lies you have hidden...
With attempts you continue to disguise!
You are being chased by your own alibis.
And I find my cup runneth over,
From a truth I have learned to trust...
To leave me quite sobered!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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