Social Ambiguity

What is it in us, to make our world fall down?
Counting your sheep, beneath a pale frown
So you have this desire, but no where to play
Such as we are bred, until we find another way

Falling back to earth, as you depart from the norm
Satisfaction is dawned, as fine wine takes form
Taste it on your tongue, drip it down your throat
Set your accolade to auto pilot, and sail your boat

Something so remote, that we fuss over irrelevance
As it’s a pleasure to distract, to another’s presence
Thus we forget ourselves, in a moment of fantasy
That which is allowed, by the rules we stupefy

Good morning, good evening, did this yesterday
Ask the same questions, the gestures of our way
Couldn’t care less about your, so happy weekend
The absolute chatter of nothing, my ears do lend

Constant repetitiveness, of the same words I spoke
So that I can rejoice, for the day I finally awoke
Seeing into them and others, realism of this life
Routine and revolution, yet always live for strife

Scraping barrels and drinking from dried up wells
If we really weren’t so wrapped up, within ourselves
We could finally see the errors, of our flagrant ways
Try and claw back some salvation, from wasted days

So do continue on, until some momentous day passes
Seeing how we’ve lost it, through rose tinted glasses
Awake with me one day, realise I am not so different
Just the one who pointed out, so much left to implement

by Vision Ghost

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