Social Bankruptcy

As a result of their convictions,
With a desire to obtain a social status.
One they grabbed at when that opportunity arrived!
Some have earned those sought titles.
To have lives prioritized with a guarantee...
They have what it takes.
And have 'made it' in 'this' society!

What is it have they really achieved?
Sacrificing their skills and knowledge,
To improve humanity?
I'm sure 'somewhere' under the barrage of bad news,
Those images are highlighted,
To provide moralistic inspiration viewed and as seen.

What is it have they really achieved?
Let's share!

An ability to say,
They have a good credit rating...
That promises to stay that way?
To keep their nouveau riche noses,
Stuck high in polluted air?

What is it have they really achieved?
A reflection of a greed,
That suppresses those in need.
And choosing to bask in attitudes,
As superficial representatives...
Doing what those with a false sense of self do?

What they have accomplished does succeeds.
From their point of view.
What is reflected...
Is their connection,
To a widespread and unprecedented failure...
Unconsciously digested.

What is it have they really accomplished?
When so many with degrees have been qualified...
To do,
Prove a gluttony that leaves all to bleed?

What is it have they really accomplished?
A greater sense of ignorance that sits on the edge,
Of a once caring humanity that has become magnetizied...
To social bankruptcy.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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