Social Divas

Some have needs to feel,
A part of something artificial.
And departing from what's real,
The grow to play roles that are superficial.

Some people prefer,
To develop their own personas.
Piranhas of the night and in full makeup,
To believe if they don't...
A truth to live wont be accepted.

Social divas they've become.
Re-creating themselves with this to be done.
Only to awaken when their youth slips away,
Realizing wishing to remain young one day betrays.

Social divas then seek they do,
An honesty to portray to someone shown...
They had not abused to confuse.
Someone disrespected they now regret.
Someone that will believe they are not being deceived.

Can I be 'frank' and candid with you? '

But from whose point of view,
Will your frank and candidness be borrowed?
And if I refuse what it is you do,
Whose mask will you then use...
To convince me your honesty has not been practiced? ~

'I don't know if I can prove to you of that.
What is it that you would wish me to show? '

~Try sincerity.
For me,
That seems to always work.
I have no desire to be impressed.
Try if you can just to be yourself.~

'I'll do my best.'

~And when my patience runs out,
You will know this to notice 'and' not guess.
I am not one to sit and examine façades.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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