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Social Lies(Revised)
SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

Social Lies(Revised)

Poem By sandra geisell

I hope by writing these words, I can leave a crushing resound
A warning about the sick people who are spreading hate around
Just want your money, your freedom, your glory, your life
They want you to live with their great big lies...

President is covering something up this Friday night
Put forth your trust and they'll make everything be fine
Is just one of their lies... Another lie
Let murderers free to leave the families in scorn
The ozone layer decay will not do any of us harm
That to is their lie... Selling just another fallicy

It's a worldwide shame that we supply the evil men
Who destroy every inch of this planet any way they can

With their sick lies - Obtaining followers every time
It's just their agenda - Where the truth you'll never find
Inside their eyes, is just one more great, big lie
Hold On, here is another try

Cost of gas is going up, and best believe your living will to
The rich keep sucking money from the poor as they all are screwed
They feed their despicable lies... The entire 20th Century is a dream
Politics of power can't be reached, they're out of touch
And all the fancy talking merely covers their conspiracies
Inside their sick heads... Don't believe all their lines

They cannot be exposed, like Pinocchio's nose
Cuz we'd rather drool over sex or celebrities clothes

So change the station - Live a followers' life
Their disgusting untruths - Brainwash your tidy mind
In their immoral lives, is just one more great, big, soulless lie

Now the religous flood TV stations everyday
Scare you about heaven, So you can abandon
Your freedom and morals away
The media tells it like it is without a doubt
And it has to be true, Cause if you disagree
They'll slay your name before they throw you out

Celebrities smile and echo their words about being whole
But that's a burned down set of sex and drugs and rock and roll
Now their check is in the mail, with sex on the side
They don't complain about it, their happy, feeding us more lies

No matter how you deny this, it will always be the same
Believing in their lies is the only way to stay in the game
Those who play, whether they choose to or not, WILL get what they deserve
When you have to answer to the master the truth will come out.

And everything they say will sound real,
They know and own your mind
Cause we're all just another one of their...

Great, Big, Huge, Political, self serving Lies!
So Come On And Let Your zealotry BE HEARD OUT LOUD!

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