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Social Limerick
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Social Limerick

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

He was known as the local Brownbagger,
in his belt he had hidden a dagger.
As an industry rep
bribing was a small step
and the common folks surely would stagger.

When big business gets cozy and close
with the leaders, (not those who oppose)
it will take from your wallet
while it drops down your gullet
of the poison a hefty dose.

We have lost all the caring and love
that was given to us from above.
where compassion is missing
there will never be kissing
it is more advantageous to shove.

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Gnawing and clawing and sometimes murder are now the accepted motivational choices to achieve advancement and recognition! Our leaders have taught us well how to function in today's society where 'standards' are purchased in 'rounds' of ten. Regardless of the caliber of the weapon selected! I like 'Social Limerick'. It's a commentary of how our ancestors have allowed us the burden of survival among the savages!