Social Media Snare

Technology celebrates the birth of social media
Networking has become for many, a mania
A portal for friendship seekers and keepers
Keeping abreast with latest happenings, users
Sharing freely, whatever they care
Thinking least of prying strangers' dare

Only known friends you can trust
Never add, clicking stranger's request
Be wary of unknown invitation to links
Never be naïve, such could be out of sync

Some stalk you on Facebook
Waiting for a prey to fast hook
Some, weird love-twisted, want to flirt
Some fake friendship, abuse trust and hurt
Some sickos preying are identity thieves
Some hackers pick up messages you leave
Tracking account-passwords, stealing bank balance
Criminals harass, blackmail with cooked-up reasons!
Staking your well-placed position
Threatening social-status destruction!

Be wary of who you befriend
Some wolves come with evil intend
To wickedly malign, even assassinate a character
Such beast-like misfits have no remorse, whatsoever
Better be wary of what on Facebook you share
Or bitterly learn your lesson, if you don't care!

by Paul Sebastian

Comments (1)

A grave warning to all social media maniacs! Now social networking has become a fad and many are mad about it! But we have to excercise caution and keep discretion in choosing friends! Though it may enlarge our sosial circle, there are hidden snares! Really enjoyed this poem! A 10