Social Phobic

I force myself to walk through the door
Within minutes the sweat falls to the floor
My social phobia controls my life

Everyone is looking and staring at me
I look straight ahead, blocking out all that I see
My social phobia controls my life

He is so fat and ugly, just look how he walks
I bet there is something weird about the way that he talks
My social phobia controls my life

Everyone is judging and criticizing me
My heart is pounding, I need to flee
My social phobia controls my life

I’m sweating so much, my shirt is soaking
Everyone is looking, laughing and joking
My social phobia controls my life

My vision is blurry and I’m short of breath
I feel so bad, I’d much prefer death
My social phobia controls my life

I leave in a panic without once even stopping
I’ve gone through hell and still done no shopping
My social phobia has destroyed my life

by Somebody Insignificant

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Really a heartfelt rendition crafted in persuasive poetic expressions in beautiful rhyme scheme. A well texted and nicely written poem. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
I can say that I completely understand. I have panic attacks, paranoia and a fear of large, loud crowds. I like your poem. It is well written and the repeated line helps to bring the poem together and make your message clear. I give it a nine.
you're so courages.......may the force be with you.....
Wow, this is pretty intense. It reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon of a man holding a drink and entering a room full of people at a reception. In the thought bubble over his head he's thinking, 'Yikes! People! ' Like that cartoon, your poem strikes me as being so serious that it's almost funny. Like any illness or condition, I know social phobia isn't funny, but when presented in a poem there's a certain lightness to it that almost becomes humorous.
Drugs help....enjoyed the trip.