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Social Security Reform
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Social Security Reform

Poem By Donna Nimmo

They have found an answer for social security
Put them in a nursing home, no liability
Medicaid and medicare will probably have to pay
Then they'll only live a year or two and become their prey
The nursing home corporations, will get rich
And the social security payments, they can ditch
Who's powerful enough to point a finger at them
Some politicians is where it all will stem
The corporations make large contributions
Giving social security great solutions
Let's change the laws and cap health care liabilty
And hurt the care in nursing homes, supposed to be tranquilty
I guess when people get old, they don't need a voice
After all it's not their own, it's the goverments choice!

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It's nice to see you speaking up for the elderly Donna. It's so sad the way people are treated in this country once they are no longer ''of use'' to us. It's a shame. Very nice poem. Sincerely, Mary