Poem By Sri Aurobindo

My girl where have you gone..?
I'm holdin onto your pillows, in your room with a quiver
Waiting for you to come home, I shake and i shiver
Thinkin where did I go wrong, I'm not sure so I grab my bong
My blood grew thinner
Baby i feel so cold...
My heart fell weak cause of my feelings too strong, I felt like a sinner
I'm being punished for reasons unknown, I shake and I shiver
Thinkin of the words to your favourite songs, Where are you, I've been alone for too long
My thoughts got sicker
You make me paranoid, visions in my dome...
Whatever we had has already been lost, And by now I give up
I told you never leave me alone, I shake and I shiver
I felt so uneasy when you hung up the phone, you were nothin like my baby I have known
Don't wanna hear any reasons you bring up
How come you're still not home?..
You should've stayed cause tomorrow I'll be movin on, I hope you feel like a winner
I'm still havin visions of him makin you moan, I shake and I shiver
I suffered too much heartache with you, sent me chills to the bone
You're poison and with me, you don't belong, but Im'a miss ya

Why did you leave me alone, you never did listen to me
I don't care you never should've left me alone
I hope you shake and you shiver like I shake and I shiver
Shake and I Shiver
Shake and I Shiver
Shake and I Shiver
Shake and I Shiver
Shake and I Shiver

Comments about Krishna

great poem honey, keep your head up high.
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ohhhhh.... chilling, darlin'. i'm sorry! ! ! you know... i do have a suggestion. im not tellin what to do, but i'm just puttin it out there: in a lot of your poems you talk about relying on your bong for comfort... maybe try, you know... praying or something, even if u dont think u believe in God... just talking to Him might help.... just a suggestion. great poem, mi leon! ! ! shake and shiver are AWESOME words...

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