Social Sense

As I make my way through this maze-like world,
Meeting different boys; seeing different girls,
It is constantly changing I am never the same,
This world I've created; a well played game,

So, when I decide to find people to meet,
I very simply watch them; and, then repeat,
For as long as someone is there by my side,
It is of no consequence how we spend our time,

If they are excited it is the same for me,
I am like a monkey I do what I see,
If they want to be mean I can follow that too,
And it is still fun for me I have nothing to prove,

So, we go on through life; they think that I care,
And, it makes them happy so why should I tell,
They will find out soon when they cry and I laugh,
Life seems much easier if you are a sociopath.

by Michael Alfonso

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