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****society Priority****
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

****society Priority****

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Drug takers and addicts are easy to dismiss
When these are the faces that society won’t miss
Even though its society at the route of all this
No help at hand just a quick poisoned NHS kiss

You find it hard to see past the weed or the needle
Closed minded you don’t see that where not evil
Its you who’s evil for destroying the people
Turning a blind eye to those who are feeble

People say where weak souls
With no morals to hold
How can you do it to yourself?
An empty shell your souls been sold

This just proves to me you don’t understand
It like you think I had this all planned
Like I wanted my life to end up down the pan
So I'm about to take this moment if I can

To make you understand why we do what we do
We turn to drugs to try and cure the flu
That incurable disease which is you
You blame us for our lives and our punishment is due
Even though the blame lays at the feet of the minority few

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Kaspa: I have never been able to write about the drug world, because I have never been into it. However, You have constructed a very meaningful poem about this subject, except the blame should be on the shoulders of the user. He must fight his battle and win. A very good write. Read anything of mine. There is a poem on my wed site O'er Yon Mountain, which has been turned into a song and you can also down load it free. Look for info on my PH site. Your friend Lynn