Society's My Partner In Crime

I dislike the hatred within you, the coldness, the pain, the drugs that thin you.

Your justice is malice, spite in disguise, your freedom merely violence, it's your harmful protection which I despise.

I've grown up loving you, yet I fear I was forced, conditioned by your lies, in which your control is sourced.

I do nothing but give, without a regret, and a beating of the soul, is the thanks that I get?

You know I'm not leaving, you made certain I was yours, but I can never be like you, so I'll stay here on these floors.

Cruelty is your name, but you call yourself hope, I'm not the first to see through you, I don't see how you cope.

I long to see you fall, and someday you will, I doubt I'll play a part, but I'm certain I'll get my fill.

Until that day comes, I'll continue to be your slave, a tool of your hatred, but like you I won't behave.

I know what you are, I can see you clear, but until the day you're gone, I'll always keep you near.

by Benjamin Sorvel

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