(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


His “Grandad” of logic” reputation
Has lasted through the ages
With well earned adulation
From most all logic sages

Deductive reasoning
That Socrates invented
Is the syllogistic seasoning
Of thought, he so well mentored

No false premises could be used
To base a logical development
Soc taught us how to diffuse
An illogical envelopment

His platonic student used it well
Important in his Dialogues
On deduction, Plato’s subjects dwelled
In all debates and monologues

Let’s give a cheer for good old Soc
A logical patrician
Who has no peer, and has a lock
As our number one logician

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Old soc it to em, Socrates, I'm glad i foud you're site Stan. I only read 2 of your poems so far, and I'm impressed