Socrates Dies

Poem By Raj Arumugam

Socrates dies, sleep easy, dear Athens;
Socrates is found guilty
of asking questions,
one too many;
Socrates is subject to our justice
fair and just and open;
O Socrates dies, sleep easy, dear world,
for Socrates is found guilty
and condemned to die;
Socrates drinks hemlock
the questions die with him
and all our answers are safe
and we can blissfully go to bed
for all our answers are safe…

Comments about Socrates Dies

Awesome... Really liked the poem... Kudos to you...keep writing
Yesterday's wrongs could be todays rights and tomorrows science...Who else could take the belief poison undaunted with a truth smile in the face? i like to see in my life a Socrates reincarnate... Thanks for this insightful write, drove me to the point of thinking wild thinking odd...thanks again...10
Stunning piece Raj.....Socrates dies with the unasked questions and we live on with the answers....10 from me
you made many to think keeping our answers safe........and how unfortunate the questions die with him.........fantastic write.........

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