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Soft-Lit Love

Sparks fly
with a wink
on the porch
two mouths
in slow motion
on whispers
of sweet, angelic
that slip through
this night
and sift into dreams
so suddenly,
and we are

Copyright ©2005

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (4)

A lovely poem that only a woman could do, and you did it well Warm regards AJS
Adrienne, I appreciate you posting this when you did. My last poem(the German one) is a tribute to my first love, on her birthday. I do not know if I am the only one. But I will Never, ever, forget her. And my first love. H
I love it. Except for the words 'this evening'. Just a thought. (this night, the evening, ...) It is probably just me. But then again... H
Ooooh Adrienne! There is nothing quite like the electricity one feels from the first kisses which herald the dawn of a new love. Excellent poem. Kenneth