Poetry is the music of the soul
the great feeling of all
writting poems is discovering
just discover the truth and the history
everything, even a mystery
a true poem can be made
only if it hangs together forever it will stay
poems grow out of your life
poem are a way to express
whatever you posses

by jana ghossein

Comments (6)

great writings-... From ev'ry mossy nook the blossoms peep; From ev'ry blossom comes one little ray...///
Nice imagery and good write.From violet-banks the scent-clouds float away And spread around their fragrance, as of sleep: From ev'ry mossy nook the blossoms peep;
Soft, low and sweet songs of birds in the early morning when colour of sky is changing and floating flowers spreading fragrance everywhere the Earth wakes to life! What a beautiful morning to begin with one's day 's work! It is indeed a lovely poem to read!
A lovely rustic picture of captivating scenery, where a painter composes through art Mr Anderson conveys with words a memory that lives on. Enchanting
earth with a sigh awakes. yup. nice poem to think about all the importance of waking up and not just seeing the goodness of a day, but realizing the importance of bringing and giving soft low and sweet comfort to those who are in need.
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