HB (11 April 1927 - 8 February 2004 / Durham, United Kingdom)

After Ten

As a man l strive for excellence
And that to the occassion l must rise
As young as l am till the ams
l wrestle until sweat in my body dries

l hear the heartbeat beat like an African Drum
Being beaten almost after ten
Voices singing and bodies moving
O it is a point of no return

Sweet voices whisper to my ears sweet words
With arms holding, hearts hoping and minds thinking
Tiredness is still folded in sealed boxes
l strive for excellence in silence mark my words

Two souls joint-hearted, l confess
For the first time with little or no stress
Smiles, laughter, joy and everything else
Love from my little heart l express

To the one I love, to the one l found
Most importantly to the one who touches
My fragile heart with soft red petals
And in bed l must tell atleast after ten

by Camagu Somana

Comments (2)

Sincerity embedded in technical excellence. You must be proud of her
You should be very proud of you Mother Sally her poems are wonderful. Sinc. Ernestine.