Soft Skin

My fingertips miss your soft skin
Everyday you shed bits of me
You yank something out of me I lock deep within
The brick in my stomach dictates my heart
Something pulls the covers over me at night
And in the morning when I start
Does it feel good to tear someone apart?
So I consider, I think it was you
Who changed this poor fellow
Who now spends his days mapping his life over charts

Beer is his drug
He is strapped to a freighter peeling skin off his hands
Could you just help him with the fist tug?
It’s hard to ask, and he knows shame is shame
He knows the knife can’t go deeper than it is
And that should be enough to say
Remember those words he searched for
The lines you read everyday
Turns out they don’t exist
The man he is today doesn’t desire you
People like him, look up to him, and take advice from him
And a lost mind would only turn him blue

He thanks you again with a humble bow
As his footprints wander far away
And all our warm sand is yours to keep
He tells your thief thank you as well
For his new creation,
For his new emotions,
For making his heart swell

by Timmy Tubbs

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