Soft Soft Lingering Feelings Of Love

Your love is
sweet ambrosia
I drink everyday

Don't say no
I love you
let's share our bed tonight

Full midnight spring moon
I see through the bed room window
and you feel me full inside

Your head on my thighs
moves vigorously
for ecstatic delights

My hands
cup you face
my lips love your lips

Midnight monsoon thounders
Never stopping rains
you like a kitten in bed curl up in my arms

My head on your bosom
my hands hold tsammas
my lips sip nectar to keep me alive

My hands slide on your curly tresses
silky and soft they feel
I sigh in love, my soul heals

On the shore of the sea
the sun is setting behind the orange clouds
my hands around your waist, we kiss and watch the sunset

Your hand in my hand feels so soft
we saunter in the mall
my arms rub you body, occasionally

You on top or I on top
we bury ourselves into eachother
time after time

I plough you field
I get my son eventually

by Ravi Kopra

Comments (2)

Beautiful just so it is
Ravi, such a lovely write...10++++++