Softly Fading In And Out

Poem By Perfect Fool

So vivid
Of nothing
Full of

Living in reality
Dreaming in reality
Reality living in a dream?

Fading into one another
Time passes
Over my head
I'm in
Way over my head

Boundaries of state
Dreams being realized
Trampling over my thoughts

The smoke rises in the sun
Am I dreaming?
I can smell the smoke
But I don’t trust my own senses anymore

What day is this?
Have I woken to this?
My head sleeps on
My eyes are open
I look but I don’t see

Softly fading in and out
Dreaming of tomorrow
Settle into the night
Prepare to dream
The dreaming stops
I'm awake
I'm sleeping
No dreams come
Empty sleep

Am I really alive?
Am I even here?
In my next dream I'm dying
Dying to see if I feel at all
To see if my senses come back to me
I don’t know what’s going on anymore
Happy haze of passivity
All I know is that this isn’t real

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