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Softly Now The Dawn Is Breaking.....
HB (11 April 1927 - 8 February 2004 / Durham, United Kingdom)

Softly Now The Dawn Is Breaking.....

Softly now the dawn is breaking
Stealing gently o'er the hill
Lifting shadows - chasing dreamdust
From the eyes in slumber still

Now the sun-god starts his journey
Watch while beams of gold and white
Touch the tree-tops, then the flowers
Speeding the departing night

Warmth he brings, this golden god
A glow to life, he gives by day
To the earth that died a little
While the night-shades held their sway

Now alas, his task is over
But before he sinks from sight
From his fiery heart, this promise
Day will always follow night

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I've got to reply to each one Sally. They really swell the soul. Sinc Ernestine