The Battle Is In The Mind

Everyday life is a warzone
Fought inside the mind
Decisions and choices made
Stand between life and death
Risk assessment is a daily necessity
Prudence and vigilance are survival skills
Self-awareness is a special weapon
Needed to increase one's chances of survival
Inflated egos are destructive
Laziness and carelessness are counterproductive
The battle is real and victory is rare
Life is a continuous battlefield
Luck and inner strength
Form the basis of defense
Love is the final bastion of hope
In this mental warfare

by Kenneth Maswabi

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Simply wonderful to read Sohrab and Rustum again (after my schoolday learning) and to read it straight through and understand and enjoy it so much. Beautiful imagery, similes, metaphors, and repetition, all so evocative. Arnold displays his knowledge of landscapes, rivers, weather and is even sensitive to events from a woman’s viewpoint. His descriptions of people allow us to visualise their every movement so vividly. I wept to read again of Sohrab’s death at the hands of his father and how so very sad they must have both felt at the loss of their time together and at this tragic end.