The music lingered soft and low.
I barely heard it play.
This was how I liked it now,
The mode I chose each day.

I just reclined my favorite chair
And closed my eyes to rest.
The mode was sure to make me sleep,
My hands across my chest.

Soon I drifted far away,
It must have been quite deep.
It sure seemed just as real to me,
This strange and storied sleep.

I found myself there once again,
A place of long ago.
With all the ones I knew quite well,
I'd often wished it so.

There they were with me at school,
Just playing all around.
They laughed and chased each other still
And made their childhood sound.

Then suddenly, the school was gone.
We all were in a field.
The joy I felt at being there
Could hardly be concealed.

We all were young, it seemed as though
We had not aged a day.
I thought that I might just join in;
And run, and chase, and play.

Then suddenly, I saw my girl,
The one for which I yearn.
Just as she was so long ago.
The cause of this sojourn.

She smiled and as it is my fate,
She had to fade away.
I then awoke, and oh so sad;
For I had wished to stay.

I'll try again another day,
Sometimes it works quite well.
Perhaps, someday, I won't return.
Now that's a tale to tell!

So if you hear I went to sleep
And never then awoke.
Remember what I said today,
Or take it for a joke.

You'll sure know where I just might be.
So join me, if you dare.
I think you might enjoy yourself.
I'll wait for you back there.


Comments (7)

Gorgeous work with a dreamy flow, the armchair riding you back to yesteryear. Magical imagery and masterful composition Greenwolfe. Karin Anderson
Sighs-Your words so elegantly written, so beautifully displayed. I would love to join you in the dreamland far away. So hypnotizing, loved the imagery and the playful feel, stunning work.
read this four times now...and will read it again and again...Maggie
Deeply touching. I am taking this one with me. Thank you for sharing.
OMG... GW62... this is simply awesome... i would like to write a couple of lines on this...but i feel it does not allow me to no need for any more superlatives...tenner straight superb cheers
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