Poem By Curtis Goodnight

Sojourners of those western dualities:
Trained to think" good/bad, beauty/ugly
he/she, this/not this...
Appropriate of course when playing 20 questions

Have you looked lately?
The blue pinprick just miraculously close
to a 3rd rate star.
See it?
And that star an anonymous pinprick edging
to the further reaches of the Milky Way....

Rest assured- you cannot be seen from there.

Try on God as a verb:
the unfolding of awareness.


Comments about Sojourners

Yes, I see Tony's thinking but the first images that came to me were black and white hats! I always wanted a black one, not like that Roy Rogers guy. Now i'm hatless. Joking apart, a very fine philosophical poem especially that fine ending. Tom Billsborough
dualities: Milky Way.... Try on God as a verb: the unfolding of awareness. so many ideas which made me think, philosophy. Eastern non duality. western duality. so many ideas both philosophical and theological ruled my thinking now. tony

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