Sola Deo Gloria

Act 1: Twilight

Like a jolt of jaggedness,
It throws its bolts of cragged crepe.
And nowhere is there
Rest for me; nowhere
Except Here—

I believe, Yeshua! Help my unbelief.

Act 2: Midnight

Like a ragged wrench of stone,
It crunches heart; oh hideous blow.
But is there, somewhere,
Rest for me? Everywhere
I search for hope, meaning—

Oh God, please God! Help me.

Act 3: Sunrise

Like a morning’s radiant song,
It bursts my heart and frees my lungs.
No longer, darkness, be
My pains! Hope is
Here; oh, glory reigns!

Let him who has ears, listen up:

Act 4: Eternity

The Noumenal is calling!
“I am making all things new! ”

We wash our hands,
Cleanse our robes,
Dry our tears,
Follow home.

We are beggars, after all.
Sola Deo Gloria!

by Jonzo Bandwagoner

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very good. very very good use of words and thoughts. noumenal makes me think of josiah's basement. along with corporeal and metaphysical etc. ;) we are beggars. amen. -landrey