LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

A Homeless Human Being

You're homeless your shelter is the
wind and the rain
You're homeless and your world is
a house of pain
You're homeless with a burden
thats too heavy upon your back
You're homeless
sleeping next to
the railroad track
There is too many homeless people
wandering around
but the world don't seem to understand
that you wouldn't be homeless
if someone
would just lend you a helping hand
You're homeless
a sleeping bag is your bed
You're homeless
just asking for a piece of bread

by Dorsey Baker

Comments (5)

Hello Linda..(gosh it feels odd isn't it ma'am? ? /) hey this is a different one isn't it? ... Most time you write very light hearted, beautiful poems... This one is different.. A good analysis on soldiers's mindset.. not only soliders, but we our selves ask some of these questions raised in the poem. good one.... great tribute to all the brave soldiers..// you must know, these days females too go to war.... any way nice LINDA with love shan
hi linda is it the spirit of Florence nitingale....soaring the crimea...that inspired you to write this beauty very well penned with dedication and great care...not an ordinary piece cheers
A solace for the soldiers tirelessly safeguarding people against tyranny of meaningless motive in the world needs to be praised as who is there to say anything to inspire them? Well done!
Solace describes the pathos of the sojourn and what a brave song that should long lasts!
What a lovely poem Linda, so moving and so meaningful. A wonderful prayer to uplift the warriors. A delight to read. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX