Poem Hunter
(10.05.1957 / TRIVANDRUM)


This is for those,
who cherish a spark of sorrow
concealed in their hearts,
(oft forgotten, as the dire truth of death…)
which just blazes unaware,
and subsides without any downpour of tears,
or whisk of sighs.

This is for those,
who at times, feel the pangs of loneliness
-amidst even the supposed closest minds-,
sadly realizing that each soul has its orbit
and into which no human intruder is allowed……!

This is for those,
who yet abhor the void between minds
and suffocate in dark deprivation alone ……………!

In deep empathy, let me tell you, my dears,
not to bind hard, with strings of love
to keep the ones who are close to your heart,
as it would be stretched too far,
making your heartstrings bleed!

Better delve deep into yourself,
as solace is the music only of the Soul,
which echoes all through the span of Universe,
encompassing all the ages bygone,
and you can own it only from you…!

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