Solace In Her World

Her heart is sinking with indignant pain
And she feels life has lost its meaning
She slumps on the sofa; her mind is insane
She wonders: Are my parents divorcing?

Her mind is rattling with negative whispers
So faint and yet so audible
She tries not to hear them and she re-assures
Herself-This family will not crumble

Oh! unhappy girl!
She turns on the radio
With her mind in a whirl

And miraculously,
the music soothes her so.

She falls in a slumber,
Never wanting to wake
And she dances in the world of music
Twirling by the lake

The lake of inexhaustible musical notes
By which the poor girl stopped and laid
And all day she admired the passing boats
But back in reality she’s already dead.

by Morphing Professor

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