CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Solar Eclipse (C) 8-5-08

Black out no light from the sun is given off
as the moon blocks it and the light from
the Earth and it just can't penetrate

The moon so the sun just decides to reiterate
The fact that the light needs to shine through
Or else the moon the sun'll obliterate

The Moon tells the sun I'm just following my course
And of course for the Earth's you're always the source
But if you destroy me later you'll be in a deep feeling of remorse

Okay but seriously dude, you'll to move out of my way
and today and that's all I'm gon say because of you decide
upon yourself to disobey then the Earth will only have the time of day

Okay I understand but you do realize if you do then
its true that the sky shall never turn blue because there shall
be no more sun or moon to put together 2 and 2

What do you mean no sun because from my knowledge
I'm the only one that say who will stay and how the battle begun
You just sit there and take the crap even if weighs more than a ton

Well see you're wrong because there are less suns than moons
Just like on the planet Earth there are less humans than toons
And when you're gone I can just get back to playing my tunes

Oh now you're crazy bub, what possessed to start to speak
Because like the lord said when I slap you, you turn the other cheek
You stupid little freak you can't face me you're way to weak

Well do you wanna make wager
that to the humans will be Major
That I can take out a perfect stranger with a razor

I dare you I'll turn my back and I'll bet you'll leave
And you know threatening me is one of my many peeves
But we'll see come on take a whack at it if you truly believe

Oh yes nows my opportunity to give him what he deserves
Cause this fool is really getting on my last nerves
So I'll serve and when I'm done he'll be redder than human Strawberry Preserves

I'm gonna do it I'm gonna kill em
If he has the guts as soon as he's about to touch down I'll grill em
But if he connects all he'll do to the humans is chill em

Oh man I'm a nervous wreck but he's playing with my mind
It's working me filling his mind with all types of dirt and grime
Oh crap the eclipse is over well farewell until next time

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this was simply amazing
only 15. By 20, the world would marvel at your talent. Btw.. sorry to hear about your granny. she's in a better place though. Be blessed. Leslie.. a.k.a God child
oooooo....man...i'm in the toons' world for a sec.great write corey