GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Sold Into Your Slavery

Enraptured by you, captured by you
Slave unto thee
You've taken hold of me

You are my King Henry
And, I, your Mistress Carey
A young girl in love for the first time
With a man who is above her worth

I am yours, a slave behind closed doors
Take me where you want me
I am no whore, for i am only yours

Swayed into submission
now I'm begging your permission
Let me be your kitten

A slave in your arms
Let me feel the pleasure you give
I'd do anything you ask of me
For i was sold into your slavery

>Mistress Carey was also known as Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn's younger sister. She had the kings affections and was his mistress before his eyes rested on the older, darker sister, Anne. Though i hold Anne in higher regards, Mary's story works better for me here.<

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Quite right, you seemed to be. What if submissive is not what is wanted of thee? Surely you are capable of things better then him, Your complete joy is tending his whim? One day or another you shall see, That tend to yourself, and it shall make everything complete.
Great poem. I wasn't aware of this so it's nice to learn something new! Very well written and a wonderful poem even without the background knowledge. Sincerely, Mary