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He wants it
He needs it
It satisfies him

He sees it
He feels it
It’s killing him

He’s just there
Doing what he can
He’s just there
Such a lonely man

He’s waiting
He’s praying
He doesn’t wanna go

He’s hoping
He’s dreaming
He wants to be at home

And the time comes
All hope was crushed
All dreams defeated

The goodbyes are said
The tears are shed
I Love You’s are traded
The memory never faded

He’s at the door
Taking a final glance
As he leaves all behind
He’s taking a big chance

They march aboard
The vessel to fight
Imagining what they’re in for
Hoping for something more

In the air
In a plane
Flying high
Peacefulness ably

Final chance to rest
To obtain strength
Before they face
Their deepest fear

Can’t sleep at all
Too nervous, too afraid
Imagining what awaits them
Such a dreadful fate

They’re finally here
What a horrid sight
As courage turns to fear
As day turns to night

Set up camp
Time to make a plan
Preparing for time ahead
Then off to bed

People are dieing
Men are crying
He misses his friends,
His family

Minds are wondering
Men are pondering
What is he doing here?

He slowly drifts to sleep

He dreams he is dead
Faces in his head
Surround his lifeless body

Mourning people gathered round
Such a humble lad he was
He did what he had to do
The outcome he had no clue

All he wanted to do
Was to pursue
His lifelong dream

He fought for his country
Gave his life
But saved others
American hero

So selfless, so daring
So thoughtful, so caring

He wakes up screaming
I was only dreaming
He says to himself
Wiping sweat off his brow

it's not done.. that's all i have right now

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Welcome to Poemhunter Steph. You have made a good start with a powerful and interesting Poem look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Kind regards, David