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AH (8/7/1943 / South Africa)


Poem By Alf Hutchison

A tribute to Rhodesia's Soldier Pioneers.

He held Dads medals in his hand,
As they lowered his casket down
A hole dug in that barren land,
On the slopes of Salisbury Town.

Head bowed down towards the sand,
Tears raining from his eye,
On the Medals clutched within his hand,
Like raindrops from on high.

He listened to the prayers and Word,
And to the eulogy;
No finer words had this lad heard,
Of his only progeny.

Rhodesia was, in those first days,
Untamed and fancy free,
Dingaan was the black mans praise,
King of M’tabele.

All the pacts and treaties broken,
By Dingaan and his son,
Treaties both penned and spoken,
Now broken every one.

Rebellion grew against those white
By blacks a thirst for war,
Warriors vexing their great might
Were fifty score, times four.

An assegai had pierced his chest,
As he fought hand to hand.
These ‘Murungus’ coming from the west,
Unwelcomed in Black’s land.

Proud medals from some distant war,
His life’s worth left to show,
Reminders of campaigns of yore,
Fought for a land… he’d never know.

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Comments (19)

A true and raw piece...that captures the nature of what this world has turned a blind eye to....Only snippets of such wars are captured by the civilians of this world...yet the truth..returns home with the endless body count of the full hearted lions of the field...fighting to protect the people of this world and to protect what they hold so dear to them.....the truth behind war will never be fully appreciated by many..but the families who are left childless..or parent-less by such a fight....thank you Alf for bringing this to many attention...this is a much needed share...for many to come to understand...what it actually takes to protect them in their busy lives....10++++
Most of 'em would never know what they're fighting for.Its no longer about the land or leaderships, but its whose who, the strongest cuz only the strongest rules n survives, but not for long! Great piece Alf!
Thank you for this piece Alf. a really epic penning to go with my Henry Hollis 12 bore relic of that war.10+. Sombre, wretching, touching reflection Was the dead man's name Hutchison?
This is a really great verse about a hardly forgotten time.
Words are inadequate to describe the sensitivity and emotional fabric that you have added to this heart wrenching write on a loss that is irreplaceable