HG (1986 / Wisconsin)


Once a soldier, always a soldier.

It's time to expand my borders,
Officiate my status to warrior.
I'm breaking all barriers.
No pain, no gain.
For I have learned
From various messages, ranks,
Actions, and words.
I'm choosing wise as a gambler.
Even if it's pinching my nerves,
I'm changing directions,
Away from the herd.
No more playing dangerously,
With a house of cards.
Nor living life fast and furiously.
Instead, it's time to live life curiously.
Expand my knowledge, variability.
That feeds my hunger.
To lash out lightening after the thunder.
No more being torn asunder.


Never will I forget the friends I gained,
The enemies I made,
And the memories that bank,
In this membrane.
My heart's been weathered,
Shaken and trampled.
The trials and temptations,
The rumored reputations
That tried to slain my character
And forsaken my intentions.
For it's shaped me to face this World
And continue on down this road
I created.
Now with thicker skin
And a bigger heart,
With forgiveness of the past,
For it never would have last,
I salute to those that continue on,
As a new chapter changes to a different song,
I'll always remember.

Once a soldier, always a soldier.

This is my last molder,
For a passion's fire has now become smolder.
As I no longer can hold my composure,
In this camouflaged uniformity,
But never will I stop the fight for unity,
And purity,
That's my warranty.
With no expiration date.
I'm calling out my fate.
I'm the controller.
I have clarity,
For the presages.
My poems could sound repetitive,
But I will continue with the positive messages,
Until I am off the ledge,
Cleared from this wreckage.
As I'm waiting on the edge,
I'm calling out my demons,
Killing off this poisonous venom,
I will continue to fight on,
For me, for you.
You are not alone.
Let's end this suicidal exposure,
And rebuild your future
With the end of this note.

Once a soldier, Always a soldier.

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