Soldier Coming Home (A Song)

As the dawn begins to break, I see headlights
The farm is just a ways down the road
I wonder if she knows, I'm coming
And I wonder , if she is there alone

It's been a year since the war called me
I went away to do what I had to do
It's been a year since I held her in my arms
It's been a year, shes had time to choose

I've seen many soldiers get the letter
Letters from someone that said goodbye
And each time the mail when it would come
I would brace myself and worry if I got mine

Now it's been a year and I'm coming home
But time can change ones mind sometimes
And if shes waiting like she said she would
Then today will be the day I make her mine

I kept every letter that she wrote
In battle I kept them close to my heart
She has always been the world to me
I couldn't imagine my life with out my sweet heart

As I pull into the drive I can see
Someone has raised a flag with one lone star
And I can see a banner just beneath
And I read as I pull up in the car

' The love of my life '
' Is fighting for your Life '
' Dear God '
' Please let him come back home to me '.

by Bill Simmons

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As a soldier, I can relate to this fine lyric. Nicely done.