Soldier's Suicide Note

Mama I hope this letter finds you…

In the very best of health.

There ain't much good out here I do…

And even less I've felt

But I've have learned a lot of truth

And I've tightened up my belt

Shot folks here till my hands are blue

Got a medal from the President.

There's too many friends I've seen die

They say that makes me a man

I saw a guy who lost both legs cry

Just for tryin' to lend a hand.

Y' know mama I keep wondering why

We kill them to make them understand

That America goes to war to destroy…

So peace reigns 'cross every land.

Today we bombed another town

Burned it right down to the dust

A few little children just stood around

Too stunned to cry or fuss

But our orders are to move on down

So they can't keep a track of us 

Part of me I lost… i hadn't even found

And only dying squares it up.

by Little Eagle McGowan

Comments (2)

Men greatest sin. Teaching the young, death and war. Powerful, honest and hard words. Thank you.
God! I hate that robot voice. It ruins the poem. I have recorded a reading of this poem; it is on YouTube.