My Little Bro


i am no normal person
i was no normal child
brought up in the country
one view in my mind
this country we live in
this place we call home
this is my england
with honour to the thrown
i'd fight for queen and country
if the call was made
i'd fight under the flag
this is my way
people think im crazy
people think im mad
this is no normal heart
it is the heart of the soldier
born and bred a soldier
the title i never took
instead im known as police officer
a baton is my rifle
different colour uniform
my boots the same as all the soldiers
my heart the sames as theirs
so when you ask me my name sir
the reply that you will get
i am but a soldier sir
and that i will never forget

Comments about My Little Bro

I was surprised when I read this. I agree with this story, because in my heart I feel I am a soldier. I am fighting for my freedom by showing support and telling others how great a country we live in. I am strong in what I believe in, I defend the person beside me whether they are my friend or a stranger. I will never forget, just like this soldier, the place I live in and the things I believe in!

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