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Soldiers Words
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

Soldiers Words

~Taken from all that I had known, I feel so lost without a home. Being taught to fight through scorching hot days and blistering cold nights we take our place in history. Coming face to face with an enemy makes me wonder what might also become of me. Is it truly up to us to decide who is true and whose turn it is to die. We pay a steep price to be who we are, to do what we do to make sure nothing more happens to all of you. We hide ourselves from their eyes and sneak up behind them attacking with surprise. Many lives were lost that day, women and children alike just to pay the toll, just to pay our debt. We fight for freedom and justice to ensure we keep our land, we fight with guns and missiles and the brave may fight with hands. Bleeding and wounded we still continue on to promise another bright tomorrow. We are the brave, the few and the proud standing our ground when the others back down. We have the courage the brains and the strength to hold our own to ignore the pain. We have been chastised by the very people some died to protect, “it’s wrong” they say “no one has to die” they cry but that’s what they refuse to see. We fight for them so that the deaths won’t stain their pure hands; we kill for them so that at the front lines they aren’t forced to stand. They call us monsters thirsting for blood; they say we’re dangerous and disgusting because our bodies are covered in mud. We all continue on no matter what they say but we want you to remember that without us you wouldn’t be here today. ~

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