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Solem, Sunken, Sombre, Drunken.
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Solem, Sunken, Sombre, Drunken.

Poem By David Lacey

Shes been down, shes been out with a smile on her face
That never manages to reach her eyes.
Shes been down, shes been out, she's lost every race
always loosing track with her head in the clouds.

Blinded by the grazing yoke, confounded by a lazy joke
Hassled by the thronging crowds, gathered, dirty, looming clouds
We've got to get away from here, without a kiss, without a tear
To spread our wings and fly away, without a single word for fear

Nothing more to be said, nothing more to be sold
No more yarns to spin, no more stories to be told
No more poems to reciete, no more books to read
No more mirrors in which to look, no more religion in which to believe

No more combs for your hair, or spoons for your soup
No more guys at the corner to whistle reassure you that your cute.
No more ribbons to tie in the back of your hair,
No more flowers, where they ever there?

Do you ever get the feeling your not wanted?
Do you ever get the feeling you ain't required?
No one desires you in their pressence
When your always on your guard

The princess she won't speak to you
She has nothing more to say,
She's said all she needs to say to you.
She requests you be on your way.
No matter how far you traveled,
no matter how long you intended to stay.

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