Solemn Oath

A-s you say your solemn oath,
R-enew your divine duty;
N-eglect not your function,
O-n the fourth of January.
L-earn to fulfill your solemn oath, obey each and every rule;
D-on't ever break your vow,use your spiritual tool.

S-olemn oath is reaffirmed,
O-pening the door for fervor;
L-et the shortcomings turn
I-nto virtue, merit, and ardor.
M-ake a promise once more,
A-s you read what you wrote;
N-ote of a holy pledge is the message of solemn oath.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (2)

Opening the door for fervor! ! Thanks for sharing.
Solemn oath acts like a guiding star that reminds the functions that we ought to do.A powerful write.Well penned.10