Solemnity Of Marriage.

The finest moment of a life
The great moment of joy
The truthful moment of pride
The moment of marriage it felt.

A new expectation of life
A new adventure of life
A new hope in life it gives
Marriage the solemn life event.

Whether by tying golden chain
Or by tying with a marriage thread
Or solemnizing from religious rites
Marriage is a great event for life.

The best partner always expects
But best choice sometimes misses
Best hopes sometimes fails
But still marriage is so loving.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Marriage becomes a moment of great rejoicing and celebration as it is a sacred ritual through which two souls are coming together to live thereafter in mutual love and sharing! It opens the windows to a wider world. Getting a companion in life leads to greater sense of safety and wider dimensions to life! Enjoyed this poem on marriage!