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Solid Stuff

Complex simplicity
Simply complex
Intangible matter
The tangible abstract
Ordered chaos
Randomly sorted
Still dynamism
Stably shifting
Omniscient idiocy
Genius in ignorance
Feelings un-caused
Forces un-felt
Truth within lies
Lies about truth
You are there
but there is you

Call them contradictions
Say they make no sense
Defined them as meaningless
Words of the insane
You need not worry about such things
Your foundation is built on far more solid stuff
So ignore these words
and call them oxymoron.

I cannot help but agree
I call them oxymoron too
but I also call them something else
I call them as close a description as any
of the Universe we're in...
you don't believe me, that's okay
just wait
wait until that solid stuff
reveals its essence
then you will not be able to help
but agree with me too.

by Jason Caporaletti

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