(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)


Thoughts arise as i sit and muse,
About how long i've had the blues,
Abhorring the games people play,
And how easily they do betray!

One tries to be gregarious,
Only to meet those nefarious,
Which makes one a recluse,
To avoid people and their misuse!

Sometimes i think the world, for the human race,
is an insane asylum for outer space,
There's so much insanity here,
And seems to get worse every year!

Most are so naive,
Anything they believe,
Just look around,
Religions do abound!

So many have died from a belief system,
That it needs an apothegm,
To excuse the idiocy of the Crusaders,
And not portray them as invaders!

Still that stupidity does prevail,
Enough to make one wail,
Alone i wish to be,
Just me and my soliloquy!

by Franklin J. Warren

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